Friday, March 13, 2009


Thievery Corporation is a duo of DJ/producers (Rob Garza & Eric Hilton) based in Washington D.C. whose downtempo music style is blending a unique combination of world & easy listening music influences.

Thru their own record label (Eighteenth Street Lounge Music), the group has released 5 studio albums, their latest, Radio Retaliation, has just been issued, end of last year.

This mixture of various world music styles (dub, bossa nova, acid jazz, traditional indian instruments) & languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, etc.) create an elegant & distinctive downtempo sound.

The playlist below offers a sample of their production work.

Listen to Thievery Corp. (sample of production work)

DJ Kicks by Thievery Corp.

Released in 1999 on independent record label Studio !K7 , this mix album by producer/DJ duo is simply one of the best chillout selections you can hope to find on a single album.
This CD will take you musically around the world mixing seamlessly smooth brazilian bossa sounds, indian sitars & tablas, smoked jamaican dubs & classic easy listening tunes.
This selection is just world class lounge music !
Feast your ears !

Listen to Thievery Corp. DJ Kicks

View Thievery Corp. The Richest Man in Babylon